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The validation project

Est. 2013

We're a global youth empowerment organization working with 6,000 students in 105 countries through career field trips, social justice projects, and kindness curriculum.

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Do you have a passion? Send us an email with your location, interests, current education, any career aspirations and extracurricular activities! We can't wait to learn about you!
Send us your location, career, and any additional information! You can serve as a mentor, help us start a chapter or host students for a career field trip at your workplace!






2018 Resilience Workbook 

Download our brand new resilience workbook. For yourself, your students, or somebody who you know needs a boost, this workbook provides the prompts and activities to set goals and gain confidence. 



Popcorn Pop-Ups

A new campaign providing young people with free screenings of films that tackle different social justice issues. We launched this with a screening of RBG for 101 young girls and their families. Learn more here!

Celebrity Ambassador Program

Launched in June 2017, this program works with celebrities such as Jazz Jennings and groups such as The Mowgli's to spread our message of kindness on social media as a way to combat cyberbullying. If you are a contact of someone interested in being involved, contact us! 


In addition to our kindness curriculum, we're designing a guide for educators to make a mark through literature. Click here to see our books for Women's History Month! Are you a teacher or student interested in being a Bookmark Collaborator? Contact us!


Valerie Weisler 
Founder & CEO, The Validation Project
Olivia Gaynor
Social Network Expert & PR Head and Head of Celebrity Ambassador Program, The Validation Project
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Well, since you asked:
 - We have Validation Project Chapters in
1,000 schools
 - We have chapters in 105 countries
 - We work with 6,000+ people
- 1000 schools teach our kindness curriculum
Yeah, we're pretty cool here at The Validation Project:
-We were recently honored by L'Oreal Paris with a $10,000 grant​
- We partnered with Instagram to promote positivity on a global scale 
- Our work has been featured in CNN, Glamour, The Meredith Vieira Show, and People Magazine 
- We've traveled to nine countries of the 105 we work with so far, starting new chapters and meeting some of YOU!
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