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Anti-Bullying Week: Why We Can't Stop at Tolerance

When I was getting bullied brutally my freshman year of high school, it wasn't like my school wasn't teaching anti-bullying curriculum; it was. But like most schools in the United States, the curriculum simply preached tolerance: dealing with one another until we graduated and how to tell a teacher after we got bullied — after the damage was already done. I would learn this in class, and then I would walk outside and get called "mute" and told to leave school if I wasn't going to talk.

That's why, when I started The Validation Project, I knew that we had to work with schools to solve this issue. I knew that my generation could not afford to stop at tolerance. There is too much power and potential inside of us. The Validation Project's kindness curriculum now replaces government anti-bullying curriculum in nearly 1,000 schools worldwide. We teach educators how to work with their students to instill self-worth, resilience, and solve issues in the community. In turn, cliques are diminished, victims of bullying see their worth, and bullies have a way to see their purpose without making others feel small.

So what are we doing now?

1. Resilience Workbook

Download our brand new resilience workbook HERE. For yourself, your students, or somebody who you know needs a boost, this workbook provides the prompts and activities to set goals and gain confidence.


In addition to our kindness curriculum, we're designing a guide for educators to make a mark through literature. Are you a teacher or student interested in being a Bookmark Collaborator? Contact us!

3. Do good, feel good, look good

Our partner, Sevenly, has chosen The Validation Project as one of its education changemakers! What does this mean? It means that THIS WEEK ONLY, 7% of every purchase you make of Val's picks HERE goes to our kindness curriculum, mentorship, and social justice support programs.

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